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My name is Avinash Adhikari.IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD {SOCIAL MEDIA} I AM KNOWN AS KASKIKOT AVINASH. I am from kaskikot pokhara,Nepal. I live in one of the biggest & fastest growing city of Nepal. It is also known for valley or city of lake because it contain lot of lake which most popular city. Pepole which comes to vist nepal they should visit pokhara at once. Pokhara is also reings of mountains because it has worlds popular mountains (Aunnapura, fistal etc). I think this is too much about my city so, lets move on my life.

I am a dam youtuber of nepal since 2015. I am doing too much struggle to built up audicence at youtube platform. Basically i started youtube for earning some $ but after using youtube I understand that it is for only entertaining people who visit your channel & do or create in such topic in which you didnot need case study. To be a good creator of youtube you should know to edit video.


you can contact me at

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Avinash Bahadur Adhikari

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